The International Migration Policy And Law Analysis (IMPALA) Database is a cross-national, cross-institutional, cross-disciplinary project on comparative immigration policy.

The database, which will be used for both qualitative and quantitative research across a range of disciplines, improves existing databases on policy and captures trends in immigration selection policy, naturalization policy, illegal immigration policy and bilateral agreements across 20 OECD countries, across time.

It opens up possibilities for a range of comparative qualitative and quantitative research on the determinants of migration policy and the effect of migration policy on social, economic, demographic and political trends.

It is the product of an international collaboration between researchers from George Mason University, Harvard University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Paris School of Economics, University of Amsterdam, University of Luxembourg, and University of Sydney.

Pilot data covers 10 years and 9 country cases including Australia, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Please sign up if you would like to be notified by email when these data become publicly available.



Principal Investigators:

Michel Beine
Professor of International Economics, University of Luxembourg

Brian Burgoon
Professor of International and Comparative Political Economy, University of Amsterdam

Mary Crock
Professor of Public Law, University of Sydney

Justin Gest
Assistant Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University

Michael Hiscox
Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs, Harvard University

Patrick McGovern
Associate Professor in Sociology, London School of Economics

Hillel Rapoport
Professor of Economics, Paris School of Economics

Eiko Thielemann
Associate Professor in Government, London School of Economics


Lead Researchers:

Timnah Baker
Harvard University

Kate Bones
University of Sydney

Diana A. Igret
University of Luxembourg

Joep Schaper
University of Amsterdam

Benedicte Souy
University of Luxembourg



Beine, Michel, Brian Burgoon, Mary Crock, Justin Gest, Michael Hiscox, Patrick McGovern, Hillel Rapoport, Joep Schaper and Eiko Thielemann. Forthcoming. “Comparing Immigration Policies: An Overview from the IMPALA Database” International Migration Review.

Beine, Michel, Brian Burgoon, Mary Crock, Justin Gest, Michael Hiscox, Patrick McGovern, Hillel Rapoport and Eiko Thielemann. 2014. "Measuring Immigration Policies: Preliminary Evidence from IMPALA", CESifo Working Paper Series No. 5109.

Gest, Justin, Anna Boucher, Suzanna Challen, Brian Burgoon, Eiko Thielemann, Michel Beine, Patrick McGovern, Mary Crock, Hillel Rapoport, and Michael Hiscox. 2014. “Measuring and Comparing Immigration Policies Globally: Challenges and Solutions” Global Policy, 5 (3).



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If you are a sponsor, or a research team interested in contributing a country case study to the IMPALA Database, please contact:

Professor Justin Gest
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